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16 Port USB HDMI KVM Switch with 17”widescreen LCD Display

Model No.: LH1716

17.3” 16 Port HDMI 1920x1080

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The Kinan's LH1716 is a widescreen 16 port USB HDMI KVM console with monitor. It integrates a 17.3” widescreen LCD monitor, keyboard & touchpad, and a 16 ports HDMI KVM switch in a 1U sliding housing. It can control up to 16 computers with one monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The LH1716 hdmi kvm console connects computers via standard HDMI port with HD resolution up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz. There are 4 ways to switch between computers: panel pushbuttons, keyboard hotkey combination, on-screen-display (OSD) and mouse.

To achieve greater operational efficiency, the LH1716 kvm screen switch offers Broadcast mode, allowing all selected computers to perform simultaneously. In addition, the Auto scan mode can continuously monitor a specific group of computers.

The hot-pluggable function allows adding or removing computers without having to power down the switch. It is easy and fast to install the KVM console, you just need to connect corresponding cables to the right ports of KVM and its module without software configuration.


Hardware Features
  • Integrated rack mount drawer with 17.3” rack mount monitor, keyboard/touchpad and 16 port KVM switch in a 1U height console
  • Standard HDMI connection-Connect to a server or computer via standard HDMI connectors
  • LCD module can be opened up to 108 degrees to provide a comfortable viewing angle
  • Support computers with USB keyboard and mouse
  • Convenient computer switching via front panel LEDs, keyboard hotkey combination or on-screen-display (OSD)
  • Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected computer
  • Broadcast mode--operations simultaneously performed on all selected computers
  • Hot pluggable --add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
  • Quickly select your computer by naming the server or inputting SN number of the server
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) adjustments-Adjust the on-screen image, including: auto adjust, exit, power on/off, brightness, menu, and a power indicator
High Resolution
  • 17.3” FHD LCD monitor with highlight, high definition and high resolution
  • Resolution is up to 1920x 1080 @60Hz
  • Two level password security--only authorized users view and control computers
  • Supports one administrator and four user accounts with a separate profile for each
High Performance Touchpad
  • Touchpad with scroll wheel - Eliminates the need for a separate, external mouse
  • Multi-language support--English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Korean etc.
  • Full size 99 keys keyboard with integrated number pad
Wide Compatibility
  • Multiplatform Support-Compatible with Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux
  • Supports servers form Lenovo, HUA WEI, HP, IBM, Cisco and Dell, etc.

Diagram Diagram

kinan lh1716.kvm.hdmi-lcd-kvm-switch.diagram
Model LH1716
Computer connections Direct 16
Max 16
Port emulation Keyboard, mouse USB
LCD monitor LCD model FHD TFT
View area 17.3"
Optimum resolution 1920×1080@60Hz
Display color 262K
Brightness 300cd/m² (T y p)
Contrast ratio 800: 1(T y p)
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.1989(H) × 0.1989(W)
Mouse X/Y resolution >1000 points /inch, (40 points/mm)
Roll wheel Supports scroll wheel function
Keyboard 99 keys
(82 keys main keyboard +17 independent small numeric keyboard)
Port selection pushbuttons, hotkeys, OSD menu
Input power 100V- 240Vac, 50-60Hz, <1.5A
Power consumption 17W
Mounting distance 686-770mm (L=262mm)
Mounting bracket can be customized for other
mounting distance
Operating temperature 0—50 ℃
Store temperature -20—60 ℃
Humidity 0—80% RH, non-condensing
Net weight 11.8kg
Product dimension (W × D × H) 448mm×560mm×42.5mm
Package dimension (W × D × H) 765mm×615mm×185mm
Product Specification Download
LH1708_LH1716 HDMI LCD KVM Switch.pdf
Datasheet Download
LH1708_LH1716 User Manual.pdf
Manual Download

Package Contents

1x LH1716 HDMI KVM Console
1x Power Cord (Regional)
2x Mounting Rails
16x KVM Cable (CH-1803A; HDMI, USB; 1.8m/6ft)
1x Quick Start Guide



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