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—— 7.19~7.21 ——

The three-day audio-visual industry feast—Beijing InfoComm China 2023 International Audio-Visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition officially came to an end on July 21 at the Beijing National Convention Center.

This year's infocomm showcases today's most advanced pro-audio transformative technologies, innovative thinking and solutions. The exhibition will be held from July 19 to July 21. Undoubtedly, this grand event of leading technology solutions is an excellent platform for visitors to learn about new development trends and directions in the fields of future work, life, entertainment and business.

Shenzhen Kinan Technology Co., Ltd. as a domestic brand that has been engaged in the professional production and supply of KVM equipment for 21 years, made its appearance at this exhibition as scheduled, sharing the audio-visual feast. It shows the overall solution of KVM in control, integration, extension and switching in all aspects. The ingenious design and excellent technology research and development capabilities have attracted many businessmen in the industry to stop and watch, consult and negotiate.






1. IP KVM Matrix Extender:

The first highlight of the kinan booth this time is the IP KVM Matrix Extender. Low-latency shallow compression transmission, KFH151S dedicated ASIC JPEG compression scheme, with Kinan Technology 4 port keyboard-mouse switch_KM0104, to achieve 4k resolution-long distance extension over Gigabit switch-matrix switching-one frame delay-  A complete set of 4-agent operation and management system with seamless mouse sliding screen. The other two mainframes are respectively connected to KFH262S and KFH201S to make a point-to-point HD BaseT solution with zero delay and no compression, and a 4K resolution HDMI port can pass through the switch, point-to-point Dial code JPEG solution.


Although, the ICT industry technology is also being updated and iterated rapidly, and the network transmission bandwidth is also increasing, but the increase speed is too slow compared with the transmission bandwidth demand. In particular, the video resolution has progressed from the high-definition era to the ultra-high-definition era, which requires 12G-SDI or 10Gbps Ethernet for transmission. With the research and application of 8K video, in the current network system and infrastructure, uncompressed storage and real-time video transmission become unaffordable and manageable, while next-generation channels are still being tested. Faced with this reality, there is a need for a lightweight compression scheme that allows for increased resolution, frame rate and number of streams while preserving all the advantages of uncompressed streams, namely interoperability, visually lossless quality, low power consumption, encoding Low latency, easy implementation, small chip size and running on a general-purpose CPU in decoding and decoding—Kinan IP KVM Matrix Extender KFH series came into being.



2. Uncompressed zero-latency point-to-point 4K@60Hz extender - KEP131S:

The second highlight is the DP interface, the HD BaseT solution point-to-point extender with a resolution of 4K@60Hz and a network cable - KEP131S. As we all know, HD BaseT is a global standard for uncompressed, high-bandwidth multimedia distribution, and the application solutions integrated with this standard have good operability and interactivity. Usually, due to its uncompressed nature, devices using the HD BaseT solution cannot take into account both high resolution and network cable transmission. After the company's own research, the KEP131S that has been put into market use can meet the scene requirements of higher standards and complex environments.

In addition, there is MH2414, a multi-screen KVM switch, which meets the needs of ultra-high-definition vision. Users only need to use a set of keyboard and mouse to monitor the real-time images of four hosts on one display. The other display can be output in full screen or synchronously. Each input supports 4K resolution. It has been used in the agent control of coal steel, national grid, industrial automation and other fields.

The cabinet displays ultra-short body, 17.3” 8 port cat5 lcd kvm over ip switch 1-local / 2-remote access_HT6708,and control platforms with various LED screen sizes and interfaces.

The atmosphere of the exhibition site was hot, the booth was full of people, and the guests were like a cloud. The sales representatives of Qinan Technology's major regions introduced the company's brand, series of products, solutions, etc. to the visitors in turn, and discussed and exchanged modern command and control center/agent collaborative management solutions. And computer room operation and maintenance management and control technology solutions.

2、 Look forward the future


At this infocomm china exhibition, kinan technology brought cross-field and multi-application solutions, empowering the development of modern computer rooms and agent management systems, and is committed to providing complete smart connection solutions to help smart China builds new digital infrastructure. Independent research and development, independent production, and perfect after-sales service also provide sufficient quality assurance for the products, and the brilliance of kinan technology continues!


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