DFW International Airport AOC Solution

Client Background

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area in the U.S. state of Texas. It is the fourth busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements and the fifteenth busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic in 2017. It is the ninth busiest international gateway in the United States and the busiest in Texas. American Airlines at DFW is the second largest airline hub in the world and the United States



1. AOC(Airplane Operating Control) is the operation and management center of the airport. It is mainly responsible for the airport operation site and the safe operation management of the flight zone. It is the highest coordination management agency for the daily flight safety production and passenger service site of the airport.

2. VMS computer (Voice Management System that records all calls going into the AOC nerve center of the Airport) and a GSN computer is a board issued computer that the user does their work on.

3. A smooth seamless way required for user to move from their GSN computer to their VMS computer. Preferably from just moving their mouse from one computer screen to the other.

4. 4 computers need to be controlled



The KM0104 enables users to manage and switch KM (Keyboard and Mouse) functions of four connected computers, including multi-head computers. It supports seamless

Keyboard-Mouse Command on 4 computers from a single workstation. Make it an easier and more sufficient work.




1.completely driverless, no software required

2.Manage 4 connected computers

3.Management software support

4.Front Panel switching support

5.Multi-operating system support

6.Audio and video individually switching support



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