South-to-North Water Diversion Project Supported by Kinan KM Switch and Extender Solutions



In order to improve efficiency and realize centralized control of the control center, the management office of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project need to remote control 4~8 computers as well as the connected monitors with just one set of keyboard and mouse.


  • Centralized control and switching management
  • Point-to-point signal extension up to 90m
  • Easy-to-use switching via mouse and hotkeys


Connection diagram




1.KM-0104 – 4 Port Keyboard Mouse Switch



The KM-0104 allows user to manage 4~8 computers with one set of keyboard and mouse, the host screen will be displayed simultaneously on the multiple monitors.


  • Desktop wireless/USB keyboard and mouse switching, support hot plug
  • Support USB2.0 and stereo audio out put
  • Pushbutton switching support


2.KA821 – USB DVI Cat5 KVM Extender



The KA821 USB DVI over Cat5e/Cat6 KVM Extender allows access to a computer system from a remote console (USB keyboard and mouse, monitor, stereo speakers, and microphone). It can deliver the video, stereo audio, USB signals up to 100 meters using single Cat5e / Cat 6 cable.


  • Full HD DVI signal video , up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
  • Support extension up to 100m
  • Support USB2.0 signal transmission
  • Supports individual 2-channel stereo audio, 1 LINEIN + 1 LINEOUT
  • Easy to install - no software required - connecting cables to the devices is all it takes


On-site pictures



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