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Shenzhen Unicom IDC room solution


Shenzhen Unicom IDC room solution

Demand analysis

Shenzhen Unicom large engine room planning focus, is the Centralized Management Of large amount of server, remote control from the monitor room, the control side is completely independent of the IDC room. Only if necessary, then enter the IDC room operation to avoid The machine room sporadic connection of the chaotic situation. while reducing the number of personnel access, maintenance equipment and information security. The IDC room has large number of server and equipments in 32 cabinets, through the KVM connection to provide a number of network management personnel at the same time the implementation of control work.

Kinan solution

According to customer needs, the current need to connect 32 server cabinets, each can operate the servers in the cabinet, and provide four remote users to the network monitoring center, so all the server cabinets into four groups, each cabinet with a LS2701 LED KVM control platform and XM0108 switch to connect the server within the cabinet, each LS2701 in a port, 4 ports total, because the distance between network monitoring center and IDC room are more than 50 meters, so with the KVM extension to extend the operator to the network monitor center, and later can be expanded as needed.


1, Centralized control, to provide good management and improve efficiency:

The Centralized control, allow the IT operators manage all the server and in the monitor room, not need to enter and out the IDC room.

2, effective cost reduction:

Orderly arrangement, reduce the waste of the building space for KVM switches , cabinets and connection equipments, and saving the cabling and equipment cost.

3, expansion potential:

With the current KVM switch settings, the XM0108 comes with a dedicated cascade port can cascades 31 switches and controls up to 256 servers, while the control-to-server architecture described in the previous section still does not need to be changed, Only need to add the switches, to avoid the expansion of the engine room caused by unnecessary equipment out.

4, practical:

whether in the local side, or the control center of the remote side, can achieve the task of controlling management of the servers, fully meet the needs of customers centralized management system to adapt to the user's actual application environment.